Saturday, September 5th 2015

We Have Relaunched!

Alright kids, How’s your Monday treating you?! Good I hope! As you may have seen, Augusta’s Choice has relaunched with Version 3.0! We are EXCITED as we are bringing the old features that you all know and love, plus a bunch of new stuff to the mix. As of right now, Augusta’s Choice is now MOBILE! You can bring up the site on your Smart Phone and enjoy all of the write ups and videos! Here are some things that are coming up:

Next Tuesday (August 2, 2011), we will be launching Turn Up The AC w/Kenny Adams, our LIVE Web Show from 12:30PM to 1:30PM! We would like to thank the initial sponsors of our show Earth Fare, Budget Rent A Car of Evans, & Superior Academy (If you would like to be a sponsor, email me at This show is exactly what the area needs! A relaxed, web/podcast featuring nothing but the GOOD of the CSRA! This show will have open phone lines for you guys to call in and speak with the guests, myself and generally shoot the breeze! Expect live music, remote location broadcasts and so much more! We’re excited.. are you?

Business Directory is returning! We currently have the business directory down for right now as we work on a bit of “Spring Cleaning” (Summer cleaning?). We will have this up later this week and will the all of the business owners how to find your listing (and welcome those that haven’t claimed theirs to do so!).

Check this out guys, thanks to our friends at Earth Fare of Augusta, we will be giving away a Backyard Barbecue Prize Pack that… oh man.. I wish I could win it myself! Take a look at this picture!

This is what you get in this lovely Price Pack:

2 spice hunter grill shakers  – seafood & hamburger

1 eco start grill lighter fuel

2 bags of frontier smoking chips – mesquite & hickory

1 tru bamboo grilling tongs

1 tru bamboo grilling fork

1 tru bamboo grilling spatula

Bag of Earth Fare hardwood charcoal

2 Earth Fare BBQ sauces – chipotle & tangy

1 Bone suckin seasoning rub

1 bag biomass quick firelighters

1 pack cedar grilling planks

1 fire & flavor Asian seasoned skewers

1 Earth Fare logo bamboo cutting board

1 Silicone grilling mat


The way to enter is VERY simple. Sign up for our newsletter by going putting your name and email address into the box to your right  titled “Get Updates!” and you’re entered! It’s a simple as that. We will announce the randomly selected winner during our FIRST Broadcast of Turn Up The AC! on August 2nd.

Also, we’ve added on the right hand side of the site access to some of the BEST radio the CSRA has to offer! check out the “Local radio” section to listen live to WBBQ, Eagle 105.7, KISS 96.3 and more! We love Clear Channel and hope you guys dig the music!

Be sure to sign up today! Share this page with your friends, and let us know what you think of our new digs! Until next post…


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