Tuesday, September 1st 2015


CSAs in the CSRA

Community Supported Agriculture(CSA), probably a foreign “word” to a lot of people, but it is a fantastic service! It is essentially a partnership between you(the consumer) and the farmer. You buy in as a “share holder” to the CSA, either a full share or a 1/2 share, and receive your items(produce, meat, eggs, or whatever your CSA offers) either once a week or once a month. The frequency will depend on the CSA you have become a part of and the share type you have purchased into. This all let’s you skip the middle man(the grocery store) and get your goods directly from the source! Such a brilliant idea!

Garden City Organics said it best “Consider it a subscription for fresh vegetables.”

If you have a CSA that isn’t listed and you want to offer your services to the wonderful people of the CSRA, or if you are a part of a CSA that you would like to let other people know about, please let contact us and let us know!

GingerSnap Hollow Farms
Hwy 221
Harlem, GA 30814
Currently offers chicken
Website – CSA info
Bismillah Organic Farm
Chimebell Church Rd
Aiken, SC 29801
Currently offers produce, meats and eggs.
A Carolina Harvest
Williston, SC
Currently offers produce, herbs, baked goods and canned goods.
Persimmon Hill Farm
421 Sprouse Rd
Clarks Hill, SC 29821
Currently offers produce
Earthwize Farms
3317 Spur Branch Rd
Williston, SC 29853
Currently offers fruit, produce, herbs, nuts, seasonings, eggs and soap